The Program Committee (PC) at UCR has one main task, first and foremost: safeguarding the quality of UCR's academic curriculum. With four elected members (two faculty representatives and two student representatives), the PC does three main things:
  1. Advise the Board of Studies on UCR's yearly (re)formulated rules and regulations.
  2. Evaluate the execution of these rules and regulations.
  3. Advise the Board of Studies and the Dean on all matters related to education.

To do this, the PC tackles points such as course evaluations, the annual Student Handbook (in other words, UCR's rules and regulations), areas of improvement in the curriculum, and advice on the development and execution of policies.

As part of this, the PC and BoS must regularly discuss the condition of the educational program at UCR. This is required by the Dutch Law, as is the rule that the PC should be given the opportunity to discuss with the BoS before it provides the Board with advice.

You can contact the PC via: We always aim to provide a prompt response.
Program Committee Student Representatives (2023-2024)