This is the guidebook of the Academic Affairs Council of University College Roosevelt. Thinking about going on exchange? Unsure where to start looking for Masters? Interested in what the AAC has been working on? This is your place to start.
AAC 2021-2022

Nick Koper, student advisor
Tina Rozszos, chair
Ala Rymaszewska, secretary
Maggie Maliszewski, content manager
Jasmijn Verhoef, treasurer
Rashi Nair, internal officer
Dodo Nagy, external officer

Meet the Board
Hi, I'm Tina and I'm the chair of the AAC for the academic year 2021-2022, and one of the Board of Studies student representatives. The BoS is an executive board, chaired by the Director of Education, that is involved in the planning and organizing of education at UCR by looking at policy and curriculum development, internal evaluations and the annual educational report. As a member I can offer a student opinion on the matters at hand.
As chair of the AAC it is my job to help the rest of the board where necessary and ensure we are doing everything in our power to represent the student body of UCR and keep academics running as smoothly as possible. If you have any suggestions, ideas, concerns, etc. regarding academics at UCR, feel free to contact me via email or Facebook, or have a chat in person in Elliott, Eleanor, Koestraat or wherever you see me!
Tina Rozszos
Hi! My name is Ala, and I am the AAC Secretary and UCR Program Committee Representative. As secretary, I primarily have administrative tasks, such as taking minutes at our weekly board meetings and keeping our email and other platforms organised. I also schedule any additional meetings and communicate with other parties within UCR. In the Program Committee we safeguard the quality of education at UCR and update or clarify certain documents that are useful for students and/or faculty, such as the Student and Teaching Handbooks. As a student representative, I make sure that the interests of students are taken into account in these processes. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via email, Facebook or find me on campus!
Ala Rymaszewska
Hey! I'm Jasmijn, and I am the Treasurer of the AAC, as well as Chair and Student Representative of the UCR Council. As the Treasurer I am responsible for the budget and bookkeeping of the AAC, as well as the yearly survey and any other tasks I can help the other board members with. As Chair and Student Representative of the Council I am involved in setting the agendas for the public council meetings, looking at current challenges for the university, such as policies and regulations, give advice to the Managing Board, and manage any internal affairs together with Rashi and Dodo (and faculty council members). I'll see your around on campus!
Jasmijn Verhoef
What's up! My name is Nick (they/them), and I'm AAC's Student Advisor for the year 2021-2022. I'm currently in my last year here at UCR, finishing up my A&H major, but I like to stay involved in everything around campus. That's why I love my job within the AAC, which is to work with students who need advice and/or help. So, if you send us an email with questions or complaints, it'll likely be me in the replies. My role is two-fold, however, as I'm also a student representative in the Program Committee, which aims to maintain the quality of the academic curriculum. You're always free to contact me via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp, or if you see me around on campus (probably Elliott or Reception); we're always happy to help in any way that we can, and make your life here at UCR easier.
Nick Koper
Student Advisor
Hiya! I'm Rashi and I am the AAC Internal Officer and one of the Student Representatives in the UCR Council. As the Internal Officer, I plan events, guest lectures, info-sessions through out the semester. I also organize the Fall Future Week and Spring Health Week. In addition to this, I handle AAC's social media accounts to keep you guys informed on what the AAC is up to. As a Student Representative in the Council, I try and amplify the concerns of students to UCR and help ensure that it's structures are maintained.
Make sure to follow the AAC Facebook and instagram pages to keep up with us!
Rashi Nair
Internal Officer
Hello. The Blobfish is a deep-sea fish described as the ugliest fish in the world. I'm not good at following instructions or doing things on time.
Dodo Nagy
External Officer
Hello hello! I'm Maggie (they/them) and I am the AAC's Content Manager and one of the Board of Studies student representatives. This means that I am the person writing the AAC newsletters (please read them), as well as editing this lovely website. I also work on some extra projects and am the go-to person for any exchange-related matters. In the Board of Studies, I work together with Tina to advocate for students' interests in issues related to the planning and organizing of education at UCR.
I am (quite literally) always in Elliott, so feel free to come up to me if you have any questions (or a professor quote you'd like to share for the newsletter)!
Maggie Maliszewski
Content Manager
The AAC saves the day...
… by handling your complaints, monitoring academic standards, representing you as an intricate part of UCR, and with helping you reach your full academic potential.

The AAC is the academic student board at UCR and consists of seven students who represent University College Roosevelt students in academic matters, as well as in UCR governance. The AAC is an intermediary between students and UCR. One of the most important tasks of the AAC is the representation of students in the Board of Studies (BoS), the Program Committee (PC), and the UCR Council, in which the AAC is involved in educational policy, safeguarding the quality of education, and UCR's plans and policies.

The AAC provides information to students about the courses, study abroad and any policy changes implemented by the governance bodies. The AAC also provides UCR faculty with students' feedback and queries about courses, tracks or the academic environment at UCR.

In cases where this is needed, the AAC can mediate between students and faculty. Many academic grievances can be resolved through meetings with the student(s) and instructor involved. In this way, the AAC contributes to the unique atmosphere at UCR. Keeping the environment healthy, positive and educational for all.