This is the guidebook of the Academic Affairs Council of University College Roosevelt. Thinking about going on exchange? Unsure where to start looking for Master's? Interested in what the AAC has been working on? This is your place to start.
AAC 2022-2023

Merit Bartels, Student Advisor
Amelie Heinelt, Chair
Susan Brown, Secretary
Laura Linse Velasco, Content Manager
Daibata Roy, Treasurer
Dodo Nagy, Internal Officer
Saswot Shrestha, External Officer

'Sup it's the coolest board
  • Hi, I am Amelie, the Chair of AAC! My main tasks for this job are organizing our internal meetings, as well as attending meetings with the Dean, Director or Education, and any others that may come up. As part of the position of Chair, you will be also be part of the Board of Studies. The Board of Studies mainly discusses decisions about courses and the curriculum. What I like most about the position is that I get to be involved in internal decisions, help others with their questions, and the time I get to spend with our amazing Board.
    Amelie Heinelt
  • I'm Susan, the AAC secretary! Being AAC secretary is a very important job - I am responsible for taking care of the small tasks that need to happen so that our board can run well. I take minutes at meetings (which can be difficult if you are someone who likes to talk like I do), and I make sure that emails are being responded to. In addition, I've been the chair of the Program Committee, one of UCR's co-governance bodies. The joy in that job is trying to decipher Dutch law, and talking about how to improve UCR with another student and two faculty members. Please reach out to me or realistically, find me in Elliott!
    Susan Brown
  • Heya! I am Roy, the treasurer for AAC and also a student representative of the UCR Council. As the treasurer of AAC, I am responsible for budget and bookkeeping of AAC and any other task I can help my fellow board members with. As a member of the UCR Council, I have the responsibility to gain insights into student concerns, problems, suggestions, ideas and bring them up to the management team. I also look at the current challenges of the university like policies and regulations, and manage internal affairs with Dodo, Saswot and faculty council members. Feel free to contact me by email, WhatsApp or Facebook or when you see me around in campus!
    Daibata Roy
  • Hey, I'm Merit, your student advisor and Sue's fellow PC representative. As student advisor I answer your questions whether in person or online (except exchange stuff - that is Serafine yeah) - btw most of them can be answered with a look at the student handbook or the intranet (just fyi :D). The PC, also known as the Program Committee, is a co-governance board consisting of four members - two student representatives and two faculty members. Generally speaking, we oversee the quality of the academic curriculum and program at UCR and any changes that are made. We also have the right for initiative meaning we can come up with cool ideas that might be beneficial to our academic program (like the Pass/Fail thinktank we recently hosted). PC meetings have actually become one of my favourite activities (shoutout to Dr.Joe and Dr Dinse and Susan). Anyways, that's it besties. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more. Love, Merit :)

    Merit Bartels
    Student Advisor
  • Hey friends, it's your favourite flightless bird, Dodo! I'm almost done with my second year in the AAC (that's the Association of Aspiring Comedians, for those who still don't know). Now, as the Internal Officer, I'm the mastermind behind the cool events we put on. Oh, and did I mention I'm on the UCR council? Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal. We talk about all the important stuff like policies and plans for our beloved institution. Right now, I'm the vice-chair, which means I'm like the Robin to our chairperson's Batman. But don't worry, I won't let it go to my head.

    Dodo Nagy
    Internal Officer
  • Hi everyone! I'm Serafine and I am the current External Officer for the AAC. I joined halfway through the year after Saswot went on exchange, so I've only been doing this for a few months. So far my role has been to go to meetings for external parties the AAC/UCR is a part of such as UCSRN (did you know they do more than just the sports tournament) and be a member of the student side of the UCR Council. So far we've discussed different policies and changes the management team wants to make and given our representative opinions on those. So far I've loved being part of a board and being able to have an impact on UCR's future.
    Serafine Chao
    External Officer
  • Hey hey, I'm Laura, the AAC's Content Manager! I write the weekly AAC newsletters and edit this website, and have perhaps tooooo much fun with my position. Luckily, I'm also a Board of Studies representative so that I can stay serious and bureaucratic - no, really, I'm glad to be involved in matters of academic rules and organization, because UCR is nothing without its student community, which I hope to keep in the loop (if you read our newsletters and posts that is...).
    So remember - I'm here for you anytime! ;D
    Laura Linse Velasco
    Content Manager
The AAC saves the day...
… by handling your complaints, monitoring academic standards, representing you as an intricate part of UCR, and with helping you reach your full academic potential.

The AAC is the academic student board at UCR and consists of seven students who represent University College Roosevelt students in academic matters, as well as in UCR governance. The AAC is an intermediary between students and UCR. One of the most important tasks of the AAC is the representation of students in the Board of Studies (BoS), the Program Committee (PC), and the UCR Council, in which the AAC is involved in educational policy, safeguarding the quality of education, and UCR's plans and policies.

The AAC provides information to students about the courses, study abroad and any policy changes implemented by the governance bodies. The AAC also provides UCR faculty with students' feedback and queries about courses, tracks or the academic environment at UCR.

In cases where this is needed, the AAC can mediate between students and faculty. Many academic grievances can be resolved through meetings with the student(s) and instructor involved. In this way, the AAC contributes to the unique atmosphere at UCR. Keeping the environment healthy, positive and educational for all.