This is the guidebook of the Academic Affairs Council of University College Roosevelt. Thinking about going on exchange? Unsure where to start looking for Masters? Interested in what the AAC has been working on? This is your place to start.
AAC 2019-2020

From left to right:
Ariel Teo, chair
Dana Zoutman, secretary
Fleur Vermeer, content manager
Sofie Glazemakers, student advisor
Daantje van de Linde, internal officer
Puck Quarles van Ufford, treasurer
Joëlle Stocker, external officer

Meet the Board
Hi, I'm Ariel and I'm the Board of Studies Representative and chair of the AAC. The BoS is an executive board that plans and organizes academics at UCR by looking at policy and curriculum development, internal evaluations and the annual educational report. I'm there to offer a direct student opinion so please let me know if you have any ideas or concerns! Otherwise, as chair I help my fellow AAC boardies make sure we are doing the best we can to represent students! My main goal this year is to connect and make time for students and hope to receive more direct input or even casually debate topics that relate to our program.
Ariel Teo
Hey, my name is Dana. This year I will represent you as Secretary in the AAC as well as co-chair of the Program Committee (PC). As your AAC secretary, I am in charge of taking minutes at AAC meetings, as well as managing the email system and calendar, sending out the newsletters and archiving important documents. In the PC, I work together with student and faculty representatives to safeguard the quality of UCR's curriculum.
Dana Zoutman
Hi! My name is Puck and I am the AAC treasurer. It is my responsibily to make sure that our bills are paid and our financial administration is complete and correct. I also represent you in the UCR council, where we make sure that the voice of our students is heard in the decision making process for UCR policies and regulations.
Puck Quarles van Ufford
Hey everyone! My name is Sofie and I'm a fifth-semester pre-med at UCR. I'm a student representative in the Program Committee of UCR, of which I am also the secretary. My role in the AAC is Student Advisor, which means that if you go to the AAC with complaints or questions, I'll be the one helping you! I like what I do, so don't be afraid to approach me or the AAC with any of your questions or problems- that's what we're here for!
Sofie Glazemakers
Student Advisor
Hi everyone! My name is Daantje and I am the AAC's Internal Officer, as well as a member of the UCR Council. As the Internal Officer, I am responsible for communication with the students, through social media, as well as organising lectures and presentations by guest speakers about both academic and career related topics. As a member of the UCR Council, my goal is to make sure the student voice is represented in discussions about UCR's government. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions!
Daantje van de Linde
Internal Officer
Hello, I'm Joëlle Stocker and I'm the external officer of the AAC. My role is to represent the AAC in parties outside of UCR. This includes the student representatives of our mother university, Utrecht University, and UCSRN, which represents all university colleges in The Netherlands. I am also a student representative of the UCR council.
Joëlle Stocker
External Officer
Hi from down here! I'm Fleur Vermeer and I am the AAC's Content Manager. My main task is to write the weekly AAC newsletter. I am also in charge of editing AAC documents and our lovely website. Together with Dana and Sofie, I am also a student representative in the Program Committee.
Fleur Vermeer
Content Manager
The AAC saves the day...
… by handling your complaints, monitoring academic standards, representing you as an intricate part of UCR, and with helping you reach your full academic potential.

The AAC is the academic student board at UCR and consists of seven students who represent University College Roosevelt students in academic matters, as well as in UCR governance. The AAC is an intermediary between students and UCR. One of the most important tasks of the AAC is the representation of students in the Board of Studies (BoS), Program Committee (PC), and UCR Council, in which the AAC is involved in educational policy, safeguarding the quality of education, and UCR's plans and policies.

The AAC provides information to students about the courses, study abroad and any policy changes implemented by the governance bodies. The AAC also provides UCR faculty with students' feedback and queries about courses, tracks or the academic environment at UCR.

In cases where this is needed, the AAC can mediate between students and faculty. Many academic grievances can be resolved through meetings with the student(s) and instructor involved. In this way, the AAC contributes to the unique atmosphere at UCR.