This is the guidebook of the Academic Affairs Council of University College Roosevelt. Thinking about going on exchange? Unsure where to start looking for Masters? Interested on what the AAC has been working on? This is your place to start.
AAC 2019-2020

Ariel Teo, chair
Dana Zoutman, secretary
Puck Quarles van Ufford, treasurer
Katariina Lampi, internal officer
Joëlle Stocker, external officer
Sofie Glazemakers, student advisor
Fleur Vermeer, content manager

Meet the Board
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Ariel Teo
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Dana Zoutman
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Puck Quarles van Ufford
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Sofie Glazemakers
Student Advisor
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Katariina Lampi
Internal Officer
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Joëlle Stocker
External Officer
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Fleur Vermeer
Content Manager
The AAC saves the day...
… by handling your complaints, monitoring academic standards, representing you as an intricate part of UCR, and there with helping you reach your full academic potential.

The AAC is the academic student board at UCR and consists of seven students who represent University College Roosevelt students in academic matters, as well as in UCR governance. The AAC is an intermediary between students and UCR. One of the most important tasks of the AAC is the representation of students in the Board of Studies (BoS), Program Committee (PC), and UCR Council, in which the AAC is involved in educational policy, safeguarding the quality of education, and UCR's plans and policies.

The AAC provides information to students about the courses, study abroad and any policy changes implemented by the governance bodies. The AAC also provides UCR faculty with students' feedback and queries about courses, tracks or the academic environment at UCR.

In cases where this is needed, the AAC can mediate between students and faculty. Many academic grievances can be resolved through meetings with the student(s) and instructor involved. In this way, the AAC contributes to the unique atmosphere at UCR.